in it for good

So, as most of you know, I thoroughly enjoy quality design, pretties, making people feel comfortable due to good design, branding, and the like. I also do some handlettering. I am by no means the best out there, and do not claim to be! But, holy crap, let me guide you to some good follows on instagram though:

Some I have been following for awhile, and some I’ve found along the way. Love the work that each of these people do, though!
Ever since I was a kid, I have loved “writing fonts.” My brother is an artist in all senses of the word – he can do it all, people. So when I was a little one, I imagined us writing children’s books together – he the illustrator, us both writing, and me creating typefaces (or as I called “fancy words”).
For years, I have known about the heartache of human trafficking and desired to do something, anything. Over the last few years, God has really developed a love for women in my heart that never existed before. I used to avoid female friendships because I thought women were annoying, and that they weren’t worth my time. I now see the error of my ways, and see so much potential for influence and social change because of who women are, how they are wired, and in their character. I strive to empower women through a variety of ways.
One of those ways is by bringing things that I love, handlettering + fighting human trafficking, together.
During the Original Women’s Conference, a new campaign was launched – In It For Good. Around 2,000 women pledged to raise $200 by April 2015 for organizations that are boots on the ground teams, fighting to EMPOWER women in the middle of the craziest situations. Through In It For Good, these organizations are able to further their efforts.
I sincerely believe that though what is in my hand may not be perfect, it is still useful, so I am using what I love and know to do to raise money for these efforts.
This summer, I will be selling my handlettered work. I will be creating 5 original designs, and hopefully more throughout the summer. I will be selling them for $15, and a little over 50% of that ($8) will go directly first, to In It For Good and then to various organizations such as Women for Women International, A21 Campaign, Half the Sky, The Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center, + similar organizations. I want to help various groups supporting women + fight human trafficking, and I know I must use what’s in my hands to get there. I hope to improve my work and continue to pump out quality products. I will begin taking orders on May 15 and will create these until August 1 consistently. After that, the turnaround time will not be so quick due to the wedding of my best friend mid-August, and starting school back up. I will continue to sell prints though, so do not despair – you can still fight human trafficking with me!
If you want something custom, it will be $17, with still, half of the proceeds going to the same efforts.
I would love if you would support this not because of me, or because I want accolades for this,  but because you believe in women, in freedom, and in using whatever is in your hands too!
I cannot wait to create something for you! 

I will update with the designs and more information as we draw nearer, and will inform you about some of the organizations you will be supporting.
Stay tuned 🙂

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