the print shop is open!

I am so excited to begin selling these prints this summer! Here are the logistics:

1 Print: $15 / $8 to organization
2 Prints: $20 / $10 to organization
Custom print: $17 / $9 to organization

You choose the color, on an 8×10 or 5×7 cardstock sheet. Preferred method is cash, but I will also accept checks. I plan to have your print in your hand within two weeks of your order – please let me know if there is urgency for a gift or occasion!

You may think to yourself, “this sounds expensive”, but I desire for over half of the proceeds to go to one of the organizations, and the other money goes toward supplies for me to keep creating these for you!

The prints will be each hand-drawn and they have all  been personally designed, so they will be unique. I hope to create more unique designs and colors as the summer carries on.

Now for the charities you will be supporting:

SHE Rescue Home:

SHE Rescue Home is stationed in Phnom Penn, Cambodia, and they currently have 3 homes to house girls who have been trafficked, prostituted, raped, or are at-risk for any of these cases. The girls are nurtured in these homes, and have the opportunity to pursue art, dance, music, alongside their educational growth – simply put, they are allowed to be young girls in this environment. SHE houses girls aged 5-16. SHE works with local & international agencies to support the girls, their families and communities, and reshape their futures. Your donation will continue to support the upkeep of the homes, in order to provide an environment of freedom and peace in the girls’ journeys.

Mercy Ministries:

Mercy Ministries is a free-of-charge, voluntary, faith-based residential program that exists to serve young women, ages 13-28, and support them as they have faced many life-controlling obstacles such as eating disorders, physical & sexual abuse, drug & alcohol addiction, unplanned pregnancies, and human trafficking. The homes serve to empower women, and bring freedom from the obstacles they have faced. Mercy seeks to empower the women to be productive in their communities, and be a part of the healing process from the obstacles in their lives. Mercy believes in the healing and comforting power of Jesus, and the assistance of counselors in order to restore them to wholeness. Current US locations include: Nashville, TN; Monroe, LA; St. Louis, MO; & Lincoln, CA. Your donation will help Mercy’s homes & programs stay completely free for the girls who walk through their doors.

ZOE International:

ZOE exists to rescue young girls & orphans from human trafficking, in order to support them to be healed and whole from the trauma they have experienced. ZOE homes are in LA, Thailand, and Australia. ZOE works with local agencies to bring prevention and awareness to their local communities, especially in smaller villages in Thailand. They also work to rescue children out of human trafficking, especially the sex trade. Once rescued, the children go to a short-term safehouse for medical check-ups, witness protection, counseling, and rehabilitation. ZOE desires to rescue children & orphans out of dire circumstances, and enrich their lives to be whole, healed, & free. Your donation will continue to support their ministries to provide safe havens for some sweet children.

These are the first three organizations you will be supporting this summer, by purchasing a handlettered “print.”
I am so thankful to you for your support, and look forward to seeing the change that we can bring TOGETHER!

Now for the designs! Sorry for the poor quality photo, but you can get any one of these designs in any of the displayed color options. They are all hope and justice oriented in honor of the over 27 million in slavery today.

(click photo to enlarge)

Color options:

color options
(click photo to enlarge)

To order your print, contact me on social media or email me at 🙂
Thanks for believing in this dream!


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