drop every fear


A pesky, yucky four letter word.
Something we all deal with, and if you haven’t, then you’re lying.
I wanna be honest with y’all.
Fear keeps me from:
– writing
– dreaming
– doing
– creating
– being proactive
– fighting
– praying
– speaking
– posting on this blog
– etc..
I’m afraid of:
– getting hurt
– making mistakes
– imperfection
– looking stupid
– failing
– spiders, winking, alleyways, accidentally liking someone’s photo on Instagram while creeping, birds pooping in my mouth while flying overhead (just bein real…)
In essence, fear keeps me from simply living a full life.
I have so many dreams in my heart, y’all, but I’m terrified. 
Some are big, some are little. Some will be seen by many, some, by no one at all.
Fear is the number one obstacle for me when it comes to just about anything.
But I’m tired. I’m tired of fear taking the driver’s seat in MY life. Fear is blind, only looks out for itself, and wants to bring others down with it. If I described a person like that, y’all would think I was crazy for letting them drive me around, let alone run my life!
For some of us, living in fear has become comfortable. It’s easy. You stay on the land, don’t get too close to the water, and you never have to worry about getting some water on your clothes or learning to swim. If you never venture out, you never have to worry about making mistakes or being alone. Easy peasy!
But when I stop and think about a life like that, it scares me more than the thought of actually letting go of my fears. A life of never climbing mountains, never getting lost, never making a mistake, never getting hurt, never meeting people, never trying weirdo foods, never accomplishing goals, never chasing the things that I want – that sounds like such a bland life because that means I would never take risks.
I want a life full of COLOR + VIBRANCY; don’t you?
So do this with me: conquer a fear every day. Be it little or big.
Today, I took a yoga class at 7am with friends. I’ve loved yoga but never took a class because I was afraid that others might judge me because I’m not super flexible and my left leg shakes because of knee problems. (Don’t fears sound silly when you say them out loud/type them on the internet for the whole world to access?)
Bring a friend into your challenge or conquer it on your own. If you want to share it with me, text me or use #dropeveryfear on social media and tag me! @anapyper
It’s scary and it’s tough, but you can do it! Don’t let fear drive you for one more day! Let the desire for change and adventure drive you to chase your goals. Drop every fear into a mental abyss where it never has a chance to show its slimy face again.

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