I was in 7th grade when I went to my first Original Women’s Conference. There were probably 85 women of all ages there. I remember feeling overwhelmed and almost suffocated by the female presence – I was used to being a tomboy and spending time with only dudes. I always used to say “I hate girls.” I was a fearful, angry, insecure, rude kid. (A lot of that I like to chalk up to being 13 and not fully experiencing the love God had for me yet, but excuses, excuses) But I left that conference not perfect, but different.

Fast forward to 2015 – I have more gal pals than guy friends. I give my money and prayers to foundations that support women. I am driven. I am confident. I am joyful. I have a sense of purpose that goes beyond what I can see right now. I have more faith in God and in the people I place around me. I love to love people (even though I’m not always good at it). I have a desire to change the world, and want it to begin with me. I’m still not perfect, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to be.

I’m not saying Original is the sole reason I am the woman I am today, but I know I would be in a far worse place without this conference.

It is a weekend of laughs, genuine women on stage + in the seats next to you, fun creative elements on stage, yummy treats, more beautiful things than your eyes have ever seen at once, small details like men’s bathroom takeovers with flowers in the urinals, thousands of women (yes!! 85 women in 2007 to almost 2,000 this year!) worshipping together, authentic worship, and messages that will knock your socks off. It is a weekend of getting to know yourself, your friends, and the women who you can team up with better. This is a weekend you will NOT want to miss. I have gone every year since 2007, and have never left disappointed or the same as I was before.

I LOVE Original, + I would love it if you would join me.

Until April 10, register with the code APYPER and receive a discount of $69. This gets me no perks except that you get to come with me!

visit http://www.originalconference.com for more info/to register!
hit me up if you have any questions.

move past the wishing, ladies!


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